How to use the Email Sender
In Email Addresses, the box on the top left, you add your email list. All emails you want to send a mail to (the recipient). You can easily import a list of emails with “Import Emails”. This feature works with all saved email lists produced by the Ninja. If you want to use your own list, make sure to add 1 email per line in the .txt file.
On the top right box you enter your gmail details. The username and password of the gmail account you want to send the mails from. Above that you can select the port you want to use (some antivirus software blocks a specific port by default.). If sending mails fails, please try another PORT. In Subject you add the subject of your email. You can select between TEXT or HTML, you can add your message and select an attachement (e.g. picture). Don’t forget to select a DELAY in seconds for every mail.
Google allows a max of 500 mails per hour.
When you added all informations and details click on “START” and let the Ninja do the work!

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