How to schedule posts to your fanpage
How to schedule posts to fanpage
To schedule your fanpages as admin of the page you have to be the admin and you need an app. We decided that for this feature its much much faster when you register your own app. On the first form you have to add your app ID. And than click on login. To register a facebook app and how to create a facebook app we added two buttons for you.
You added your app ID and clicked on Login you will see the next form. Don’t worry, its really simple! First you see a control textbox and a textfield with your access token. You don’t have to do anything with that, its for the Ninja only. Below those two control fields/boxes you see Load Pages, you don’t have to click on it, just in case your pages aren’t loaded automatically or disappear your can reload all your pages with that button. The third arrow shows you a list of all your pages you are an admin of.
Schedule Facebook
When you click on one of your pages on the list you will see that the name and ID under the Preview Picture will change, so you know for which page you schedule the posts. We all know that pictures are the most used media on facebook. On the right side you see “Picture and Message”, “Pictures” and “Message”. Please select what you want to schedule. A simple message? Pictures only or pictures with a message. I selected pictures only. Now click on Load Images and select the images your want to schedule. You see your selected pictures with the path on your pc in the listbox. Click on one path and you see a preview of the picture on the left side “Preview Picture”. This helps you if you want to write a message with a picture…
Before you click on “Schedule All”, make sure you select the start date and the delay between each post. I suggest to post 1 picture every 24 hours. I start in 2 days…see below…
All Done? Click on “Schedule All” and let the Ninja schedule your posts to your fanpage as admin. Massive Amount Of Time Saving! I use it on my own in combination with the Image Downloader!

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