How to use the FB Group Status Poster
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The FB Group Status Poster works like the FB Group Photo Poster. The big difference is, that you don’t select a picture to upload and post a message and or link only (no FB link preview feature will be added, just plain text with links).
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Please have a look at HOW TO USE THE FB GROUP PHOTO POSTER for detailed instructions about the “FILTER” feature, the “Save To File” And “Load From File” Feature, “Select All” and “Unselect All” feature and how to sort your groups.
The saved groups file will work on all facebook group posting feature, so you don’t need to save your groups for photo posting AND for status posting separately.

As you see in the preview, you have just a big textbox (and so on) to write your message(s) for the groups. Make sure you click on Add to have at least one message in your list to post. Give your project a name and click on SAVE. Your project will be saved and visible on the project overview. After the successfull saved popup you can close that window.


Example Post:
As you can see the Ninja will post exactly what you added to the textbox and will not upload a photo or a link preview!

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