How To Like New Pages On Autopilot
You are looking for new pages you want to like to add comments later. No problem. Open Liker I and add your keyword. You can add more than 1 keyword, just add them comma (,) seperated.
You can select how many pages you want to like per keyword (you can like 5000 pages totally). You can select the minimum likes a page should have.
Select the delay between the likes. Click on start.
The Ninja did the job perfectly.
Activity shows what the Ninja did for me.
In liker II you will get a list with pages found by your given keyword and you can view the pages before you start the like process. Thats the difference.
Liker I starts instantly to like what it finds, Liker II you have to select what to like.
When you selected the pages you want to like, click on Start Joining.

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