How to use the Manual Facebook Group Joiner (Joiner II)
In case you want to check exactly which group you want to join before you join 😉 we added the manual group joiner (joiner II).
Whats the difference to the Auto Group Joiner (Joiner I) ?
Ok first you add your facebook username and password, your keyword and the number of new groups you want to join. The Ninja will find 2 groups related to your keyword you are NOT a member of.
Now you can view and check every group to make sure, you found the correct group for your needs.
You have to select/enable the groups you want to join.
You can export the result or you can import a list of groups you want to join!
All Done? Click on Start Joining. A new form will load. Make sure you select the delay in seconds!!! Thats always important.
Now click on Start. The Ninja will join the groups and you can watch him 🙂


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