How to post to “Sales Groups”
ninjablaster sales groups
Facebook has some special settings for groups lately.
There are these SALES GROUPS. You can now post to them. You fill out the form and when the ninja detects a sales group it will post to it. If its not a sales group it will post normally.
You select:
1) Single Image
2) Multiple Image
3) Without Image (just text)
4) Automatic Price Conversion, e.g you add USD and if group supports Yuan, then Ninja will auto convert the curreny from USD to YUAN
5)if Group is non sales group -> the post will be posted as normal post.
ninjablaster sale

Please have a look at HOW TO USE THE FB GROUP PHOTO POSTER for detailed instructions about the “FILTER” feature, the “Save To File” And “Load From File” Feature, “Select All” and “Unselect All” feature and how to sort your groups.

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