Thanks Andre! Again Iā€™m very impressed and look forward to working with you. Honestly, I would pay more than $10 just for the SERP keyword suggest scraper alone. You might consider raising the price a little. This is a VERY valuable package of tools.

Thank you.

This product does wonders for my online business!

I have used Ninja for almost a week now.
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So far i can see the power of Ninja.
Almost 10 leads in 4 days.
Many people engaging, request to subscribe to my groups as well,
i would say almost 20.

Yesterday Ninja uploaded 207 posts.

This product I like very much best thing is I can pay one time payment and use it forever. Thanks Ninjablaster.

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The ninja Blaster is the best tool I’ve ever used! It has saved me so many hours of time as well as helped show me what Facebook groups I should join relating to my keywords. I never would have been able to get everything I need to get done in a day without it. Anybody that has to post a lot of ad’s and build your business you absolutely have to try the Ninja Blaster and you will never go without it again!

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I was amazed at the quailty of this software! Within moments after I installed this software I was able to post to groups and got the first traffic on my offer. Keep up the excellent work.

Just wanted to say that was the best investment I ever made. I doubled my traffic to my site in 48 hours. By now everyone should realize this is the quickest way to get new visitors.

Dude, your ninja is the bomb! I use it to make money on fiverr, yeah I post customers message to fb groups easily while I work on my other stuff. You guys rock.

I wasn’t in facebook groups marketing, a friend told me to try it here with ninja blaster, so I did. To join and search groups by hand is a pain in the ass for me. It takes so much time. Now I’m a member of 400 groups where I’m allowed to post my business. AWESOME AND ON AUTOPILOT.

Seriously? I found the software while I was searching for new keywords, longtail keywords and now? I post daily to facebook groups. Good Job.

Outstanding support, always replied to my questions, can’t wait to see the email scraper being released.

I post to 5000 groups. I paid for 3 different softwares, all restricted by facebook now. Here no problem at all for now! thx

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