Today we implemented Auto Captcha Solving by Deathbycaptcha! (Preferences in NEW LOOK)

  • Auto Captcha Solving
  • Cool Down if fb blocks/restricts
  • Random Activity
  • New Preferences Tab
  • Works on Bumper And Link poster!
  • on more features soon

  • We just released our first version of the Twitter Poster!
    twiter update
    See first tutorials here: CLICK HERE

  • Auto Tweet
  • Auto Tweet Pictures
  • Follow Keyword Related Accounts on Autopilot
  • Follow By Twitter Suggestions on Autopilot
  • Follow By Imported Lists on Autopilot
  • Export Accounts You Are Following
  • Unfollow On Autopilot
  • and more

  • We added a new feature – “Mmbrs Finder”
    You will get the amount of members in groups and you can get the name and id of all members of a group you select.
    Export them to an excel file or text file.

    See Video Here: Members Finder Video

    We added a complete new project overview into the ninjablaster
    Ninja Blaster
    See Tutorials Here: Ninja Blaster Turorials

  • new project overview added
  • see all your projects
  • run unlimited projects
  • autosave the projects
  • Repost failed posts button added
  • Repost all added
  • multiple images per post added
  • supports posts to sales groups now
  • standalone email sender
  • post deleter added
  • post bumper added
  • Sort groups by privacy settings
  • Export Groups
  • tag friends added
  • add friends to groups
  • use own preview picture for links added
  • new comment on latest posts added
  • delete own bump comments
  • Ninjablaster best

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