How to use the facebook auto group joiner
Auto Group Joiner
You will love this software, I’m a member of over 500 groups and all on autopilot.
Have a look at the form. Add your keyword or keywords and select the total number of groups you want to join per keyword! Select The Minimum Amount Of Members Per Groups. Most important! Select the delay in seconds between each join request. Select some high numbers here to stay under the radar of facebook. You never know 😉 I select at least 30 seconds but mostly I use 300 seconds and do some other things while the Ninja do my work. You have the option to import the groups, maybe from the groups privacy sorter! Give your project a name and save it.
Always read the group rules to not get flagged or reported!
Auto Join Groups

Please have a look at HOW TO USE THE FB GROUP PHOTO POSTER for detailed instructions about the “FILTER” feature, the “Save To File” And “Load From File” Feature, “Select All” and “Unselect All” feature and how to sort your groups.

How To UnJoin Facebook Groups On Autopilot

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