How to use the Fanpage Admin Photo Poster
First of all you should read How To Use The FB Group Photo Poster for detailed instructons about the “FILTER”, “Select ALL”, “Load Pages” and so on buttons.

Click on “Load Pages” to load all fanpages you are an admin of. Enable/Select the pages you want to post to. Keep in mind: You post AS ADMIN of the fanpage!!!

On the right site you see the textbox. Write your message into that box. Below you browse the folder with your images. Select your image(s). If you select more than 1 image, the Ninja will restart posting to all enabled fanpages when it finished posting the first pic to all pages. Don’t forget to select a delay in minutes on top dropdown menu. You can also select a delayed start in case you schedule special postings. If you get asked hot to post, Method1 means the ninja will use the mobile version of facebook to post and Method2 will be the normal one. If Method1 fails you should try Method2.

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