How to use the FB Group Photo Poster:
ninjablaster photo group poster
First you have to add your FB Username and your FB Password and click on SAVE. Now you have already added your facebook account to the software.
Facebook Auto Group Poster

In the dropdown menu you see all your accounts. You can add all your accounts, just add another username and password and click on save.
Ninja Blaster Account

Show Password means that your facebook password will be visisble. It is usefull if you have problems with the login, maybe there is just one digit wrong?

ninjablaster password

On the pic below you can select the delay between posts. Thats important! Don’t post to fast! First select the delay in seconds, 60 and 75 means that your posting delay is between 60 seconds and 75 seconds, so it looks like random postings. Next you select the sleep function. That means the ninja will make a break for 10 minutes after 25 posts. A little cool down. LOOP means you can post the exact same to the same groups again if you select 2. 1 means it will not post again the same posts.

Ninjablaster Settings

In case you face some problems with the login or group loading you can select the Browser Based Login to see if that works.

Ninja Blaster Browser Based Login

Please click on “Load Groups”. The Ninja will load all groups you are a member of.
ninjablaster photoposter6

Here you see all your groups. You can check or uncheck your groups.
Select Groups From 1 to 1 means you can select groups from the first in the list to your selection, lets say the 10th group in the listing. Means you select 1 to 10.
ninjablaster facebook groups
You can use UnSelect and Select All to unselect or select all groups with one click.
ninjablaster group select
With the button “Filter” you can search and or filter your groups by a keyword.
ninjablaster filter groups
Add your keyword in Search and click on Search. The Ninja will filter all your groups by the given keyword and show you the results.
You see Total =, shows the total groups you are a member of and Results =, shows you the number of groups the Ninja found for your keyword. Below you see a list of the groups the Ninja found. You are satisfied with the list of Groups the Ninja found? Click on Ok and the list will be used on the main form. Click on Cancel to stop the filter feature and go back to your main form. Click on Reload and you will see all groups you are a member of again.
Auto Group Posting
You can highlight a name from your list of groups by clicking on it (1x) and now you can hit the button “View” to load the group in your browser.
ninjablaster group preview
With “Save To File” you can save all checked/enabled groups to a file. With that option you can easily sort your groups in several categories and the next time you use the Ninja you simply click on “Load From File” and load all groups you saved before. Makes it easy to create campaigns for different products, offers and so on.
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On the right side you see a textbox with “Write Photos Caption Here”. Thats the message or description for your post. You can add a link (here the link preview will not work, you select a picture to upload) within your message.
TIP: All our features support spintax, so you can make your post more unique and don’t post to every group the same message. Facebook loves unique content.

In the textbox you write:
{Check my new ebook here:|Get my free method for cooking tomatoes|How I lost 10 pound in 2 weeks using fresh yellow tomatoes}

As you see spintax starts with “{” than you write your first text. You seperate your different messages with a “|” and you close everything with a “}”
You can add as many different messages as you want, the ninja will select 1 of the messages and post it.
ninjablaster auto group poster
Now we come to the picture you want to use for your group posting.
Click on Single Image and select the image you want to use. If you click on Multiple Images you can select several images and publish them in 1 post!

Make sure you have at least 1 posting listed in the list!

ninjablaster new

NEW: The project overview. Here you see all your projects.


Example Post:
As you can see the Ninja will post your message and a photo
How To Use FB Group Status Poster

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