How to use the facebook post bumper feature
ninjablaster bump
We all know how important it is to be on top of the group.
So lets bump our post by commenting on our own post, that will push you back on top of the group.
When you see the project overview you have a button “Bump”. Click on it.
You see all your successfull posts. Now write your comment or use a pic as comment. Use whatever you want to…
And select DELETE AFTER…that will automatically delete your comment from the post…this way you can bump your post more often and it doesn’t look like you bump yourself all the time.
As always, give your project a name and save it. Close the window and Start.
Below you see the Bumper feature if you didn’t use the project Bump button.
Here you have to import the urls to your posts…its much easier to use the Bump button, so don’t delete your projects when you finished the posts or save your posts to a file and import them later.
ninjablaster bumper

Please have a look at HOW TO USE THE FB GROUP PHOTO POSTER for detailed instructions about the “FILTER” feature, the “Save To File” And “Load From File” Feature, “Select All” and “Unselect All” feature and how to sort your groups.

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