How to use the Image Downloader and Photo Resize feature
With the “Image Downloader” you can download up to 500 fresh new pictures for any given keyword. We use as main source pinterest! Its so easy to get new ideas or fresh content for your services, products, offers and so on.
First you click on “Browse” and select a folder on your pc where the Ninja should save the pictures. Than you type in a keyword, select how many pictures you need and hit “START”.
Thats really so easy and saves MASSIVE AMOUNT OF TIME! Seriously! It works.
And if you need a mass image resizer, the Ninja will do that for you. First you put all images you want to resize in a folder. Open the Ninja, select “Photo Resize”, click on the first “Browse” and select the folder with all your images you want to resize. Now click on the second “Browse” and select the destination folder or create one. Select the height and click on “START”. Easy isn’t it?
What Is Images II ?
It works the exact same way as Images I, just with another source. Here we use google images and you can select how many images the software should try to download in total and from which page of google images you want to start.

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