How to post a message / text to your TUMBLR blog on Autopilot
First you start the Tumblr Poster feature
tumblr auto poster

You select the TEXT button.
ninja tumblr

On top you see the normal ninja settings for posts. Select the delay between posts, delay between reblogs and so on.

You can select where you want to add your message to.
Post Now, means in will be posted instantly, you can add your post to the draft or queue or post it privately

Click on LOAD BLOGS and all your tumblr blogs will be loaded into the list. You can now select the blogs you want to post to.

Add your title and message into the form. Don’t forget the tags!

Click on add for every message / text post!

Give your project a name and SAVE your project

In the project overview you will see your saved project. Click on START and the ninja will start to post!

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