How to Auto Follow
First you start the Twitter Poster feature
Twitter Poster

You select the account you want to use or type in your username and password. Click on login and wait until the software successfully logged in and shrinked the window.

Now you select what you wanna do!!! Select Follow.

You have several options here.
You can use the keyword search option and the software will list accounts according to your keywords.
You can import a list of accounts.
You can use Suggestions and see the suggestions made by twitter for your account.
We continue with the keyword search option. This way we can find accounts in our market or niche.

Below you see 10 accounts for the keyword “internet marketing”
Internet Marketing

On the right side you can select the delay between each follow. Keep in mind, stay under the radar…follow slowly and grow naturally and you will have a strong twitter account.

It Works!


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