Is It Really 3 Days Free?


Does it work on MAC

How can I use NinjaBlaster on a MAC?

How can I pay?

Where is my Serial Key?

Do I have to register a facebook app?

Will facebook ban me for using NinjaBlaster?

How to not get restricted or in facebook jail?

I can’t see my post to a group

I see FAILED as message, is your software broken?

Blocks by Facebook

About Facebook’s Security & Warning Systems

Does your software support proxies?

Can I use the same software on all my computers?

Will facebook recognize that I use Ninja Blaster?

Why is there a no refund policy?

Why do you charge $9.95 per month?

Will you notify me when you updated the Ninja Blaster?

What happens after the 1 month when I want to continue using the Ninja Blaster?

Is the Ninja Blaster a VIRUS?

But my AntiVirus Program shows it as VIRUS or MALWARE?

I bought the NinjaBlaster and got my serial key, what now?

Facebook says I have malware on my pc and they won’t let me login!

Gmail Sender doesn’t work!

Parameter is invalid?

My groups are not loading?

You may be Entering Wrong Password popup?

Posting is so slow or timed out!

How many FB Accounts can I use?

Can I post with more than 1 FB account at the same time?

Do you have any tutorials or videos?

My Question Is Not Listed?

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